Hailstorms consistently cause damage on American roofs from coast to coast. Just see our gallery for proof! Recent research from the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) puts impact-resistant shingles to the test of real-world conditions so that consumers and contractors can be fully informed when selecting their shingles.

“Consumers invest in impact-resistant shingles because they want more protection against roof damage. They deserve to know which products can deliver that durability,” says IBHS President and CEO Roy Wright. “High-performing impact-resistant shingles can prevent avoidable damage when hail attacks roofs, and we are pleased to deliver the scorecard from our first round of tests.”

After reviewing eight in-market impact-resistant shingles, the IBHS found that only one brand ranked “excellent,” four “good,” three “marginal” and one “poor.” See the results for yourself here: https://ibhs.org/ibhs-news-releases/ibhs-shingle-performance-against-hail/