Design & Practice

Metal RoofSolid design and practical application are key to a quality build and a preventative prescription to litigation woes.

Design & Development Services

Grayco offers design and specifications development for new and existing roof construction:

  • Full Roof Removal and Replacement vs. Re-roof Options
  • Thermal Moisture protection
  • New and Retro-fit Roof Design
  • Historical Restoration
  • RoofRoofing Design and Practice Pdf Icon
  • The Art of Moisture Management (article by CertainTeed) Pdf Icon
  • Solving the Air Barrier Riddle (article by Sonya Santos) Pdf Icon

Project Management Services

Grayco offers project management services such as:

  • Oversight and observation
  • Third party contract administration (TPA)
  • Specification Compliance and Due Diligence

Roof StructureEstimating Services

Grayco offers estimating services utilizing Xactimate as well as researching local labor and material cost for:

  • Full or partial roof replacement
  • Restoration estimates for CAT loss situations
  • Roof Restoration and Re-roof construction